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In business, time is money. So you want your software reliable, fast and easy to use. And most importantly, you want it built to do what you want.

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Multiple industries and platforms

We deliver business-building software to clients across a broad range of industries. These have included education, agriculture, mining, retail, livestock ...

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Cutting edge expertise backed by experience 

With over a decade of advanced software development behind us, we also ensure that our expertise runs at the absolute forefront of technology.

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Our approach


Our aim is to answer your requirements exactly and in the best possible way...
No shortcuts! No cookie-cutter solutions! No cheap offshore outsourcing!


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Engineware is committed to delivering software that meets your needs perfectly!

What custom software development can achieve for your business

Expertly tailored business solutions can improve your bottom line and give you the edge over your competitors by:

  • Simplifying and streamlining business operations
  • Refining and automating processes
  • Reducing costs, errors and repetition
  • Capturing and analysing data
  • Improving response times
  • Building customer loyalty

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